Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shopping Therapy !?!

Shopping is usually great therapy for me. Even if I don't buy anything or come home with only one small item, a trip to the mall lifts my spirits. This cannot be said if one makes this trip during the week before school starts. Friday I ventured out to the mall with my older son and daughter (middle son- still sleeping and would not get up). Our task was to buy some school shoes, a birthday present for my niece and maybe a few clothing items with which to start school. We get to the mall and the parking lot is crowded! We drive up and down the aisles looking for a parking spot. People are nearly killing themselves to beat everybody else for a spot. I was very patient. I envisioned a spot that I would like. While everyone else was dodging here and there- walla! a spot appeared right in front of me. Once we entered the mall, my son decided to venture on his own. My daughter and I were hungry so we headed to the food court. Again, it was crowded and there wasn't a seat to be had. I was confident that we would find one. We got online to buy pizza and a soda. We made our purchase and proceeded to find a seat. Again, everyone was dodging here and there nearly killing each other for a table. We slowly and carefully looked and within a minute a small table for two emptied right in front of us. We sat and ate. Throughout the rest of our excursion to the mall we trusted that we have no trouble finding what we wanted and we didn't. We didn't try to force it as others were doing- racing around hurrying to get on the shortest line, hurrying to get what they want. Yelling at others who are in there way. One woman actually hit her own son in the head with a shopping cart just to move to a shorter line. We just stood and waited and a new line opened up right in front of us. I think I left that store before that woman. Eventually we met up with my older son who had found all that he wanted and we made the drive home. While everyone else was running around in a panic and frenzy we had quite a pleasant time. Later that evening we met my husband for dinner. Middle son finally awoke and we ended up back at the mall for a short while. But again, it was a pleasant experience. We all got what we wanted. We went with the flow and all was well.
Today's affirmation reads:"I am flexible and flowing. I am open to the new and changing. Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am. I flow with life easily and effortlessly."
Because I have become flexible and flowing my trip to the mall during a very busy week could have been a very unpleasant experience. But allowing only positive thoughts to flow through my mind and using my positive vibration to flow, everything came to us easily and without aggravation, while others were harried and angry and rushed.
Share your experiences with me. When has using the power of positive thinking worked for you when faced with what might have been a difficult situation?


M. Smith said...

Wow! That must have been extremely hard to keep your composure. I'm not sure I could do the same thing in that situation. Of course, I really hate crowds. I try and avoid them whenever or however possible. I't drives me crazy. But I think I will keep in mind what you said and try to just stay calm the next time I have an outing like that. Just Breath!

LITeacher said...

To m.smith:
I find that it is just not worth it to get annoyed with people I will probably never see again in my life. Things come a lot easier when I relax and just breathe through the moment. It's better to just let crazy, angry people go ahead of you-then they get out of your way and leave the area free of negative energy.

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Maureen :)

I dodge the shops when I know they will be busy. Saturday's are out unless it's an emergency. Maybe I should try to follow what you did? I'll let you know if I brave it.


P.S. I miss food courts. They don't have them here. I might be tempted to brave the shops for a good sushi bar but they don't exist here. Maybe one day.

LITeacher said...

Our Food Court has sushi! HA HA!

Julieanne Paige said...

:( I miss Japanese so much... I have even been to Japan and the sushi and tempura wasn't as good as my local food court. He has been there for about 10 years, maybe longer, so I just crave that visit home.

California rolls...