Monday, August 4, 2008

My Wise Mother Knows "The Secret"

Today's affirmation card reads: "My life works beautifully! Everything in my life works now and forevermore." I'm struggling with this affirmation today. I have to keep saying to try to believe it. Although I have many things to be thankful for, things don't always go the way that I want them to or better yet the way I "think" I want them to. This affirmation keeps reminding me of what my wise mom always says "there is a reason why this or that wasn't right" or "there must be a lesson to be learned" or "there is something better that is going to happen. I am a teacher. I have been teaching for 20 years. Throughout those 20 years I have applied for other teaching positions within my district. Most of them I did not get. Each time I didn't get the job I "thought" I wanted I was very upset and my mother would always say:"there's a better position waiting for you". Through the years I have learned that she is right. It doesn't happen right away, but always sometime later I'm very glad that I didn't get those positions for one reason or another. Then, 6 years ago, the right position opened up and I just knew it was mine. I worked very hard and I got it! Had I gotten one of those other positions, I wouldn't have the great position I have now. I was a classroom teacher for 15 years and now I am a Math/Technology Consultant and I love it! So eventhough there are some bumps in the road, my life works beautifully! So, when you hit a bump in the road, stop, take a deep breath, try to find the positive in the situation, and know that there will be smoother part of the road coming up soon and know that your life works beautifully!
Just an additional note to all of my readers- I truly love and appreciate all of your comments. They truly inspire me and keep me positive! Thank you so much


Be Inspired Today said...

I had to giggle when I read this as my Mum always says that when she thinks something has gone the wrong way she is reminded of me always asking her 'What was the lesson to learn?' We both learn a lot from each other. I believe that the universe works earnestly to give you exactly what you want and if it is not, then it will try, try again to find another opportunity for you. For me, this is how my life works beautifully!

Happy Manifesting!


Onknees (not_onknees at the moment) said...

I am new to "The Secret", but am working hard to stay aware of what my thoughts and feelings are. I find myself falling back into those negative thoughts especially about money. If you have any links or advise that i could use, I would appreciate it.....

LITeacher said...

Hi onknees,
I have only been following "The Secret" for a few months. It is quite a struggle at first. But once I got more into it, I realized I had been practicing it for most of my life. Think about all of the times in your life when you achieved success and think about what you did in order to reach that goal and how you felt when it happened- that's "The Secret". To help you a little further you could buy the movie or the book. I have it listed on the amazon section of the page- just click on it and browse the categories to find it. You can also preview the 1st 20 minutes of the movie on YouTube. Also, check out the site "Be Inspired Today" under My Favorite Sites. That site is an online book club studying books that address "The Secret". I will keep discussing it on posts on my blog. I hope you will subscribe to my blog so you will know when I make a new post. I hope you will keep reading and learning with me.