Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again!

The air is getting cooler. Night time is creeping in earlier everyday. The kids are going into their homes a little earlier each night. Supply lists are coming in the mail. Teachers are preparing their classrooms. Yes, it's back to school time again. As a mom I'm thrilled. I need the kids to go back to school- they're eating me out of house and home! As a teacher I'm dragging my feet just like the kids. I enjoy the summer just as much as the kids. I sleep late, stay up late, just like the kids. Thinking back on the events of the summer, I have much for which to be grateful. We spent a beautiful week in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Although my mother-in-law spent some time in the hospital, she is fine and working towards a complete recovery. I had the great opportunity to teach computers to 3rd graders at Science Camp for 1 week. I took a class with my colleagues through Columbia University and received graduate credit at the expense of my school district. I am most grateful for the shift in behavior my 14 year old son has made. He learned a very valuable lesson while attending summer school. That lesson is that he did not like going to school in the summer and will do his best to not have to go next summer. He had many ups and downs throughout the summer. His behavior was quite challenging this summer. Through much love and devotion I, my husband and the family showed for him, he is now responding to his boundaries with acceptance rather than opposition. He showed quite a shift at dinner tonight. While my husband was at a dinner meeting, the kids and I went out for dinner together. Tonight was the first night in a long time that my son did not complain about going out with us, where we were going or eating or rush us so that he could go out with friends after. He actually smiled, laughed and participated in the conversation without spending most of the time texting on his phone. Yeah! I think that we have finally cracked his surface. I know that my fiesty little boy is coming back to us. I know that his new expedition to high school will be challenging but I know he will conquer it and live to the potential that he has. I know now that his talents will now blossom. This is a new school year in a new school. The slate is wiped clean for us all and I know that we will be successful.

Today's Affirmation Reads: "There is plenty for everyone including me. The ocean life is lavish with its abundance. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask. My good comes from everywhere and everyone and everything."

We will enter this new school year with the eagerness to be the best we can be. To excell to new heights. These great accomplishments will bring us the abundance of all that this universe has to offer.

Share your thougths and goals for the new school year.


Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Maureen :)

We have also been enjoying the 6 weeks vacation. We have been staying up late and getting up late but next week back to the work wheel. I am looking forward to it though... I don't know that I can handle much more relaxation ;)

Would have been nice to go to Mexico. We are heading to Spain in a couple of months so am waiting for that :)


El Baugher said...

My boys started school yesterday! Yay! As a homemaker, I'm SO happy to be home alone all day again. I do a lot of volunteer work with my children's classes.. so I'm excited to be back to school to see all my other kids too! Fall just happens to be my favorite season also.

I'm glad your son is coming around. It can be so hard to be a teenager. And the parent of one! My oldest turned 14 TODAY!

Well, good luck with your fresh start! There's nothing like one!

*Catch a smile and spread the joy!*

Lovin Spoonful said...

I have written a blog entry about the first day of school blues. Here is a link to mine:

Love your blog!