Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everything I Touch is a Success!

Today's affirmation: "I now establish a new awareness of success. I know I can be as successful as I make up my mind to be. I move into the winning circle. Golden opportunites are everywhere for me. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me."
This affirmation kept me going today. Ok, so I didn't work to make extra money today. But having success around the house can give one a sense of accomplishment. Sundays in our household are usually spent getting ready for the work week ahead- along with church this could include: cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping etc.. I was inspired to complete my tasks of cleaning and doing laundry today. Keeping the house in order helps to keep your life in order. I have heard the belief that money can't come into clutter. I feel that when my house is in order then it easier for my finances to be in order. Money needs space to grow and breathe. So I feel great success in keeping everything in order today. This helps to keep me inspired to stay on the right road to accomplishing great wealth in finances and every other aspect of my life. So now that we are organized, we can be energetic to tackle the work week ahead with much success!


The Go In Betweens said...

i don't understand. what do you plan to do with success other than be successful?

brainsnorts said...

oh, okay, as long as you're not obnoxious or bragging.

Be Inspired Today said...

Success is the attainment of a worthy goal. This is a great affirmation for raising your success consciousness and attracting opportunities that allow you to attain your worthy goal.


brainsnorts said...

after reading the entry again, i think i was misled by the title. the actual post was basically about having a great day and celebrating that pretty much everything went well.

however, that title makes it sound like you're proclaiming that everything you do is fabulous and that you are infallible. i think you should change the title to, "everything i did today was a success."