Friday, September 26, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance!

Last night several family and friends gathered at my home for a cash in your jewelry party. It was quite prosperous for all of us- including me the hostess. Two jewelers came to my house, set up their equipment for appraising jewelry, and bought my guests' unwanted jewelry from them. This was a different kind of gathering. It was unlike the usual, candle, home interior, pamperend chef, lia sofia type party, where you come, watch a demonstration, buy more than you can afford and leave feeling guilty for having spent so much. There was no demonstration, just sign up for your turn to sell the stuff some boyfriend, who you can't remember his name anymore, gave you in high school. I made 10% of what was sold- which came out to about $500! I did quite a little happy dance. Nobody left unhappy. The highest seller was a guest who came with an invited friend. She wasn't going to come and boy is she lucky she came- she went home with $1,200. Somebody else made a similar amount and that money is being donated to sponsor her niece at a fundraiser for Lymphoma. I was very excited to hear that. I feel good that eventhough my original intension for having the party was for me to make some money, that some of the money acquired was going to benefit more than those at the party last night. So, today I am on a nice little high and it's pay day at work- double happy dance!!!

Here is today's affirmation: "I prosper wherever I turn. I now see opportunities for abundance everywhere. I am blessed and prosper."
Last month when I received an invitation to the house of a friend whom I have not seen in a while to come and cash in my old jewelry, I had a feeling that attending would bring me additional opportunity to prosper. I hesitated and some people thought it was a hoax to get me to buy something. But I went with my hunch and took the opportunity, I was right and now I've cashed in. Today I am truly grateful for that opportunity.
So, here's your chance to do the "Happy Dance" with me. Don't turn from opportunity. When you see the chance to take another step towards reaching your goals- don't let others talk you out of it. Grab all the opportunities you can get and GO FOR IT! The additional $500 is not a life changing amount, but it sure does make me do a "Happy Dance" and that feels good. And when we emit good feelings out into the universe more good things come to us.


Lisa said...

That is great, congratulations on more abundance and helping other people to help themselves and the charity too! That is great news all around and a wonderful idea!

Tia said...

Yay for you Maureen!! I would love an additional $500 to flow to me so easily :D What a fun idea. Can you send them to Vancouver :)

M. Smith said...

I would be doing a Happy Dance too!! Contrats :)