Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I think that I stay up much later when I am on vacation because I want to savor as much time off as I can. I do it every time and it always backfires on me because the later I stay up, the later I sleep in the next morning. I then take hours to get myself motivated to get going. This week I had great plans of grandure. I was going to do lots of things around the house and do a lot of lesson plans and my report cards. Well, here it is late Friday night (really 2:29 a.m Saturday) and all I have done is been mom's taxi service and miraculously I cleaned out one closet. The house looks the same and my school bag is in the same corner I threw it last Wednesday night (untouched). It has taken me almost 25 years to realize that I am much more productive when I am working. During school days I am up at 6:15. I get showered, dressed, make lunches, get everyone else up and out and I'm out the door by 7:45 and I'm at work by 8:30. I teach all day. I run errands on the way home. I carpool with my daughter and her friends to dance class. I make dinner. I clean up dinner. I do lesson plans. When I'm home. I do hardly any of this. And I always tell myself "I'm going to get a lot done this week". I would make a lousy housewife! Well I've got two days to complete my "to do" list. I know I can just see myself now late Sunday night doing my report cards and my lesson plans (they are due Monday morning to the principal). This is exactly what I tell my kids not to do. I should listen to my own advice. Is there anyone else out there that does the same thing? Please share.

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Arline said...

I have little or no control over my life because I am on call for one job, have my own business, and get invitations for presentations for the non-profit I work for. I feel like I'm running, but keep falling behind! I also find myself up late at night, but I try not to go later than 1 AM and I try not to get up later than 8 AM. That gives me some control at least!