Monday, October 13, 2008

Sous Chef Marissa

Today is Columbus Day and of course all of us teachers and students are off from school. YEAH!! Today was a day to catch up on laundry and stuff around the house. I also decided to make a nice big dinner- Eggplant Parm. I took a quick jaunt to the store to pick up some fresh eggplant. When I returned from the store, my daughter Marissa decided that she would help. She wanted to learn how to make it. I was reluctant at first. I sometimes run on the policy that I can do things faster by myself. But I stopped myself from turning her away and let her hang with me and help. I gave her the job of flouring the slices of eggplant. She mastered that pretty well and soon she had graduated to flouring AND dipping in the egg mixture. It took us a while to fry the eggplant but I do think that she helped me go a little faster. Hanging with Marissa in the kitchen brought me back to when I was her age and helped my mom and grandma make dinner. That's how I learned to cook. Hanging out in the kitchen and helping (peeling potatoes, breading chicken breasts, shaking the chicken in the shake-n-bake bag, setting the table). This was a very important part of my growing up. I learned a lot from my mom and grandma and it was a lot more than just cooking. Granted I had to learn my husband's favorites from my mother-in-law (hence- Eggplant Parm.) I think that these moments with our kids are important in their growing up. Not only did we have fun together, but she learned something. She was also very proud of her accomplishment in the making of that meal. When everyone sat down to dinner tonight she made the big proclamation that she cooked the Eggplant. I think she had the biggest piece.

Today's Affirmation:
"I am willing to let go.
I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me."

Today I let go of the reigns a little today and let Marissa help with dinner. It was important for her to hang with me and learn something "grown-up". She felt very grown up when claiming credit for tonight's dinner. It was also very meaningful to me to pass my knowledge down to her. Some day she will do the same with her own kids. I was very proud of her today!

When have you let go to let others experience what is meaningful to them and in turn became meaningful to you?

P.S. For those of you who are wondering- I had a great experience at the mall the other day- shopping by myself (AAAHHHH-Bliss!!!) I found a great outfit for the wedding on Saturday. I was a woman on a mission and found something within 1 hour and it was on SALE!!!! I decided not to buy shoes. I couldn't justify spending some sick amount of money for shoes that I will only wear once in a while. I have a pair of shoes that I have hardly worn and will do just fine. I will take pictures at the wedding and post them next week.


SWM said...

I cook all the time, have a look at one of my blogs

and try the shortbread. I made it with my niece a few years ago.

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Maureen

Cooking is something I love to do and eggplant parmeggiana is a favourite in my house and is a treat as there is quite some prep to do. I always buy extra eggplant as we crumb ours so there is always some eggplant that gets stashed in the fridge for a quick snack. Getting your children to cook is such a great thing! I cooked my first lasagna when I was 11, and 20... ish years down the track it is my most requested dinner:)

I made a yummy toasted pistacchio pesto for dinner last night... I'm getting hungry ;)

As for shopping I was explaining to my fiance the other day that the reason women love shoes so much is because no matter how thick or thin we are they always fit. That's me justified :)


Danielle said...

How sweet!! My daughter loves to cook with me!! Love your blog!! Came over from the moms blog!

El Baugher said...

You are SO right Maureen!
My 8 yr old has shown interenst in learning to cook. I taught him a couple things. He can make chicken noodle soup (canned in the nuker) and oatmeal (also in the nuker). I've been hesitant to let him REALLY help because, as you said, I can do it faster by myself.

But as you said, also... I remember learning to cook with my Gram, and it WAS a special experience for me. Thanks for opening my eyes. I don't want to miss out on bonding with my son because I'm a control freak LOL.

XOXO My Friend,

Small Footprints said...

From your post and the comments attached, it seems that everyone has good memories from childhood about cooking with their mom or grandmother. You did a real good thing by letting her help ... you gave her a precious memory to hold in her heart. It's not always easy to slow down enough to let our kids learn but oh ... the rewards! You said you were proud of Marissa ... I think you should also be proud of yourself!

Very nice post!!

Small Footprints

Nemo said...
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Hi Maureen,

I found your blog through Julieanne Paige blog and I enjoyed it so much, I am now one of your followers. I can relate to you in so many ways. I am such in a rush all the time that even if my kids would like to help me do certain things at home like putting away groceries, cooking, cleaning..etc. I refuse their help because I think that I can do a better job and I can get the job done faster. What I don't realize sometimes is that It's like pushing my kids away. So, I know the feeling. I also enjoy your daily affirmations. It helps put your perspective on things daily. Great idea.

On another subject, there is a blog game going on and I have been tagged. I found out that this is a fun game to play and it's a great way to get your blog noticed out there..and yours is one of my favorite. So, if you would like to participate, I have tagged you and just click on my link below to find out more.

thank you and I will be reading more.


Hazel Jones said...

How I wish I can cook like you. Btw, love your heading :)